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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much are the lessons?

All Lessons are £4 each paid on the night of training. Family discounts are available. Contactless payment being researched currently.


2. How much is Membership?

Following a free taster session the Annual Membership of £40 is due. New members will recieve free BTC insurance and a NEW Dobok (Training suit),

A full pricing scheudle will be issued in your starter pack.


3. What do I need to bring?

Just arrive in time for the lesson and bring a bottle of water.


4. What do I wear?

Before you get your Dobok, you may train in tracksuit or short bottoms (no Studs) and a Tee Shirt.


5. How fit do I need to be?

Everyone starts where they feel comfortable. Once you start to train your fitness will improve.


6. How old do they need to be?

Taekwondo is for everyone, but we start from 5 years old. The leeson for the Pee Wee ages will only be 45mins and they can then move onto the other lessons lengths as they grow older.


7. Can Parents stay in room?

We only permit the parents to remain in for the 1st session. following this we ask the parents wait outside the training hall. This isso that there are no distractions for the students, and there is limited space available. We find that student improve and gain confidence being empowered to training in the club enviorment.


8. Can I train with my children?

Yes, families are welcome and we train in a mixed lesson programme.


9. Do you have Policies for Safe Guarding?

Yes, we are authorised by the British Taekwondo council and thier policies can be located on thier web site. http://www.tkdcouncil.com/


10. Do you have DBS and indemity?

Yes, we are vetted under the DBS scheme and have valid indemity. these can be shown if requested and check at the BTC.http://www.tkdcouncil.com/


11. How do I Grade?

4 times a year there are promotional tests available. If you are ready for the test you will be able to apply at that time.


If there are any other questions you may have please email us via the contact page.