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Taekwon-do is a Korean Martial art that encourages respect, discipline and control.


Taekwon-do is well known for its kicking techniques but the ITF Taekwon-do is an art of weaponless self defence using hands and feet. The use of which can be demonstrated through the main disciplines of Patterns, Sparring, Self defense and Destruction.


In addition to learning Taekwon-do it is a great form of exercise and will improve fitness, stamina, flexibilty and overall well being.


The main instructor is Darren Twelvetree who has been teaching Taekwondo for over 20 years. A full DBS and indemnity insurance are in place.


How to Start:

  • We appreciate that starting a new sport is a nervous experience.

  • The classes are run in a fun and frendly environment but are structured to teach the elements required.

  • Turning up is the hardest step, once you are at the venue the instructors will introduce themselves and get you started.

  • Training is in bare feet and you can start in a tracksuit bottoms and T shirt.

  • We will provide you with a starter pack with all the information you need


When to start:

We will accept any age from 5 years and above so never to late to start.



We teach the ITF style of Taekwon-do and the syllabus is set for ages of 8 and above. We operate a Pee Wee Dragon Syllabus for under 8's.


Promotion Tests

All new strudents will start as a White Belt, or if you already have a belt you will have the opportunity to attend a Grading to be promoted to the next level.



There are several competitions each year that a student can attend if they want to test their skills with other competitors.